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April 13, 2013

loktak lake

loktak lake. keibul lamjao national park. manipur. november 2012

April 2, 2013

king of the castle

to watch this fellow fart

and take a dip

national zoological park, new delhi

colour: cross processing option 2 in lightroom 4

June 6, 2011

chugging into history

a walk in the national rail museum yard takes a while, and the line of vintage trains never seems to end. the place is eerily quiet in contrast to how these giant locomotives must have had roared across towns and cities in their heydays.

the great indian peninsula railway (gipr) was india's first railway, according to records at the museum. some say it was also asia's first railway. the east india company gave the licence to a private british firm to operate gipr under the same name. it was formed in 1845.

the great, great, great gipr iron horse.

the museum is also a nice picnic spot. kids love running about the trains (with their moms chasing them).

the maintenance shed where the museum staff usually hang around.

the indoor gallery has interesting titbits about railway history. on a personal note, i remember a friend who sent me this letter on gmail some years ago, disguised as a 'santa banta' joke. i am thrilled to discover that fact is stranger than fiction.

(for more rail museum images, visit national rail museum, chanakyapuri)

June 5, 2011

national rail museum, chanakyapuri

the steam locomotive model no. mtr-2 greets visitors at the gate. it was built in 1910 by dick, kerr & co. for the karachi port trust.

the 11-acre-large yard has about 100 original locomotives of different make — steam powered, diesel engine, vintage coaches, etc. 

the steam engines are huge and look quite powerful.

it is hard to believe trains used to be like this.

although the museum staff discourages people from climbing on the trains because the metals have rusted, one can go to the farthest corner where it is quiet and the engines are unprotected.    

when one sees these majestic vintage steam engines from the 1890s still standing among us even today, the experience is hard to describe. 

maybe spiritual.

(for more images of national rail museum, visit chugging into history)

April 26, 2011

here comes the hotstepper, safdarjung enclave

deer park in safdarjung enclave springs a surprise on the otherwise uncaring urban life outside the boundary walls. nestled between the busy hauz khas village and green park market, few people have seen the activities that happen within the zoo-like area.

follow the leader.

watching the world go by, or more specifically, watching joggers, children, elders and lovebirds go by.

up close and personal.

and now, here comes the real hotstepper! minus a leg.

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