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April 26, 2012

more women than men in delhi's three new municipal corporations

women councillors outnumber men in the delhi municipality.

this example is hard to find anywhere in the country’s politics, or even in other nations. though there were 138 reserved seats (50 per cent) for women in the 272-member house of the municipal corporation of delhi, now trifurcated into three different municipal corporations (east, south and north zones), six more women also won from open constituencies (non-reserved), taking the final tally to 144 women councillors.

women are also in majority in each of the three new municipalities. there are 35 women councillors in east delhi municipal corporation of the total 64 seats. In north corporation, 53 of the 104 councillors are women, and in south, 56 of the total 104 councillors are women. as if these were not enough, each of the three corporations will have a woman mayor in the first year.

for delhi, a city not noted for its commitment to women’s rights and where the sex ratio is 866 girls per 1,000 boys as per the 2011 census, it is indeed a big achievement.

india itself has only 60 women parliamentarians in its 543-member lower house (lok Sabha), and another 24 in the 250-member rajya sabha. the aggregate percentage of women in parliament is a little over 10 per cent.

the election results of the newly created three municipal agencies in delhi were announced earlier this month.

special thanks to sandeep yadav of deccan herald

April 10, 2012


the apple does not fall far from the tree.

found this ice cream shop in the walled city.

swapan patra made it to jaipur from delhi in less than four hours despite heavy highway traffic. average time is six hours for lesser mortals. "do not try it," he says.

the ship of the desert has been made to wait for passengers at a parking lot.


April 4, 2012

warming up

all good stories start in summer. the most memorable days in a person's life is usually of a summer break. writers often plot their sad stories in winter and in horror movies, there is always a bit of rain in a foggy, bone-chilling winter evening. but call what you may to the scorching heat that is soon to come, it will always be a time to be happy and travel with light cottons, cool as classic menthol!


this was planted in december. then the pot was just a dry patch.

deer park. safdarjung enclave. new delhi
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