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February 28, 2012

mcleod ganj notes

 a quiet conscience sleeps in thunder. that is what mcleod ganj is all about. nestled comfortably in the hills 10 km away from the more noisy dharamshala town, the only distraction that you get is the rustle of leaves or the occasionally loud backpackers from israel.   

technically a suburb of dharamshala, it is also home for tibetan refugees who first came to india in 1959 after a failed uprising against the communist party of china in tibet. a year later, the 14th dalai lama tenzin gyatso formed the tibetan government-in-exile and made mcleod ganj its headquarters.

british viceroy of india lord elgin even suggested that mcleod ganj be made the "summer capital of india". he died in dharamshala on november 20, 1863, while on a tour. his body was buried at forsyth ganj, just below mcleod ganj. 

over a century later, elgin would be happy to know that at least mcleod ganj has become the summer capital of north india -- if not the entire india.

globalisation. modernisation. mcleod ganj

a home away from home.


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February 19, 2012

horn ok please

reinforces the perennial need for good advertising and copywriting.

a sign painter takes advantage of the almighty's immense capacity to forgive.

it's about time the chai-walla at the office gate also applied for a lonely planet accreditation.

donkey ok please.

mcleodganj, himachal pradesh

(cp-2 option used in lightroom 3)

February 15, 2012

jawaharlal nehru university (part 2)

the indian stall at the jnu international food festival did not draw much crowd for some reasons. since people can easily get these snacks on the roadside every day, they preferred to try other not-so-common items, such as 'octopus salad' at the laos stall. 

trying to sell chilled sugarcane juice in delhi's winter. that's called hope.

the vietnam stall was a crowd-puller.

diplomacy through the stomach.

borat would have loved to say something about this country's stall.

the bengal tiger is not only associated with west bengal but bangladesh (east bengal) as well. try telling this to somebody from west bengal and see the results.

another late-comer indonesia hurriedly sets up its stall while the rest were warming their food containers.

borat would have loved to say something about this country too.

korean students focus more on tourism than food.

and here it is, beautiful kazakhstan! mr borat would have likes to says somethings abouts thiss stallss bekause high fives!

bikash mishra from nepal, vice-president of jnu international students' association, says they have been organising this festival for the last 10 years.

time to go.

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