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June 17, 2012

sarojini nagar market

both the classy and the so-called ls leave their differences at the gate and enter sarojini nagar market, delhi. every person who went to college in delhi has been here at least once to buy a reebok lookalike or a slogan t-shirt or an unbelievably thick woollen sweater for the price of a north indian thali. those who have been here say it is perhaps one of the most under-loved shopping places in delhi. the branded cohort as well as the "so ka teen" group often find themselves jostling for space to do something that the market is known for -- bargain.

some shoppers come in a hurry and zip fast in the crowd lest they stumble into a branded friend, creating an uneasy situation for both. yet some others just sway their hands, "na ji na", clearly making the point that they are regulars and cannot be taken for a ride. but nobody escapes sarojini nagar market. everybody buys something from here at least once in their lifetime.

sarojini nagar market, delhi. monday closed.

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